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  • A bite like a Shark gave HIO on Himmerland Hill

    May 25, 2019

    The weather on the second day of Made in Denmark was miserable. 5 dropped shots on the first 4 holes mirrows the difficulties this morning. A nice birdie on 14 (5th hole of the day), where Sebastian made a spectacular eagle on day 1, gave his frozen followers a chance to cheer a bit…

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  • Gothenburg golfer of the year

    Gothenburg Male Golfer of the year 2018

    March 27, 2019

    Last week, Sebastian was awarded the “Gothenburg Male Golfer of the year 2018” by Göteborgs Golfförbund, which is the organisation for the 32 Golf Clubs in the Gothenburg area

    “In tough competition with other professional golfers in the district of Gothenburg, Sebastian took charge as the highest ranked player in the district…

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