September 30, 2015

There’s many aspects of being a professional!

The morning of the first day of Cordon Golf Open in France, came with an unexpected surprise. Start was delayed because 6 of the greens had been sabotaged!!!

And it wasn’t the first time. This happened at the same course in 2012. Someone seems to be filled with anger.

Read Joel Sjöholms report (in Swedish) on the sabotage at

France was followed by Kazakhstan (the beautiful view on Sebastians photo) with new obsticles and experiences…

… The flight to Istanbul was delayed so 7 Swedish players missed the connecting flight and had to spend the night in Turkey. Arriving to Kazakhstan 1 day late, another 3 hours passed by waiting for the golf bag. A smooth 48 hour trip!

If you have an early flight home and have to leave the hotel at 3:30 in the morning, it.s not a good idea to close your eyes too long. Another missed flight and a short detour to Abu Dhabi –Berlin and finally Gothenburg.

Kazakhstan was followed by two weeks at home for practie and taking care of administrative things. There’s many aspects of being a professional.

The coming weeks takes us into the final part of the season. Tomorrow morning Tee Off in Italy.

Italien Olgiata Golf Club norr om Rom