June 9, 2021

Back on home turf

Last time Sebastian played in Sweden was two years ago. It was the Scandinavian Invitaion, held at Hills Sports and Golf Club, here in Gothenburg. He finished 5th, supported by family, friends and other fans.

Now it’s time for the Scandinavian Mixed, played at Vallda G&CC, just 20 minutes away. Due to the pandemic, not many of his fans are able to come. One that can, and will, is his brother Jesper, as he’s Sebastian’s caddie. Before he became Sebastian’s caddie, he worked as an instructor at Vallda G&CC. Let’s hope the brothers gets a good home feeling and will be successful in this unique tournament were the men gets to compete side by side with the Ladies from the Laides European Tour.

Team Soderberg

Players thoughts about this weeks unique tournament (svenskgolf.se)